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March 31, 2015
Brew Day set for Saturday, April 4th

Orchid Island Brewery is a three barrel micro-brewery from Vero Beach, Florida. Great care is put into our recipes to provide a unique twist on trendy styles using local Indian River citrus. We look towards the history of Vero Beach in creating beer recipes. This town was built around the citrus industry and we pay homage to where we come from. Indian River County, and the town Orchid Island more specifically, is widely recognized as a region that grows the world’s finest citrus; similar to Sonoma or Napa Valley being synonymous with high quality grapes. The geographical makeup of the island makes this possible. During the winter months when citrus is in its peak harvest, cold snaps sweeten the fruit. If the fruit freezes, it can spoil however.

What makes Orchid Island unique is its proximity to the ocean and the Indian River lagoon. During the worst winter cold fronts, the ocean and river have a warming affect over the island that keeps the fruit just above freezing. The end result is great tasting citrus which contributes to the unique OIB beers.

Head Brewer Journal

Indian River

Dating back to 1809, the citrus in Indian River County has been discovered as the "world's finest citrus", and according to our local growers, this is due to the unique climate and mineral-rich coquina soil found in this area.

Here at Orchid Island Brewery, we use the citrus from local growers in most of our beers. The citrus zest magnifies the natural characteristics of citrus within our ales. It's a true "labor of love" peeling hundreds of fruit each month, but it is the zest we find that creates the best flavor in the beer.

Local Contributors

Schacht Groves
Hamner Family
Richie Family
Barnes Family

Water From Air

Science Made Your Beer

To ensure the highest quality of water used in our beers, Orchid Island Brewery uses Konia Water: Water from Air. Our two water generators are designed to extract water from humid ambient air. The water is then condensed into a holding tank with purification and filtration system to keep the water pure. Working with Konia Water allows us to start with a "blank canvas". We then add back minerals and salts to replicate the water conditions of various regions around the world where each respective beer style originated.

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